The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) field is unique in its technologies, User groups, and Government programmatic processes. Effectively operating in the CBRN Defense business and military environments requires established relationships in the CBRN Defense community, CBRN Defense technology and equipment expertise, and programmatic know-how in navigating the CBRN Defense Acquisition Program processes.

L2 Defense’s personnel have centuries of combined CBRN Defense experience. They have served as military CBRN Defense operators and commanders, DoD civilian employees in CBRN Defense program offices, and private-sector CBRN Defense leaders.  As a whole, our team members have been actively engaged for years in all aspects of CBRN Defense system acquisition and operations. And as a company, we have supported numerous CBRN Defense programs, training initiatives, equipment fieldings, and technology development efforts.  CBRN Defense has been the core of our business since the company’s inception.

This broad-long term experience and in-depth CBRN Defense familiarity serves as the foundation of our ability to meet government and commercial clients’ technical and managerial needs within this industry.

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