In response to the CBRN Defense industry’s need for focused integrated logistics support (ILS) and training expertise, L2 Defense, Inc. was formed in early 2012 as a corporation in the State of Maryland. In its first years, L2 Defense leveraged the experience, reputation, and customer focused mindset of its senior leadership team to build strong business partnerships with CBRN Defense contractors and project offices within the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD). Our initial service offerings centered solely on providing logistics products, training development, and course instruction for CBRN equipment systems. Through this early focus and our consistent delivery of quality services, L2 Defense was establish as a CBRN Defense industry “Go-To” for logistics and training services.

ILS processes remain consistent, regardless of the equipment system being addressed. Within a couple of years of its founding, L2 Defense used its ILS expertise to significantly expand into non-CBRN related areas. The company first expanded into the intelligence and surveillance area where it took on ILS programs for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) procured long range surveillance systems. From there, the company furthered its ILS expansion, primarily in DHS and U.S. Army equipment development and acquisition programs. Simultaneously, L2 Defense expanded into providing engineering and prototyping services for CBRN programs with its first major engineering effort in 2015 where the company developed, prototyped, tested, and fielded a biological detector calibration and testing system.

From its inception, L2 Defense was a strong player in the CBRN Defense Training arena. Throughout the company’s first four years, its trainers developed coursework and trained hundreds of military personnel from all Services on how to use and deploy CBRN equipment sets. In 2016, L2 Defense won a contract through U.S. Army North (ARNORTH) to provide training and exercise evaluation support for the Nations’ CBRN Response Enterprise (CRE). For this contract, L2 Defense continues to provides incident command, CBRN reconnaissance, mass casualty decontamination, urban search & rescue (US&R), and medical expertise to train active Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve units across the country. This also represented L2 Defense’s strong entry in to the Emergency Management subject area and led to numerous contracts to lead and support large scale (3,000+ military/first responder personnel) functional exercises.

After consistent and long term partnerships on multiple contracts, L2 Defense acquired Advanced Technical and Educational Consultants (ATEC) in November 2017. ATEC brought military training expertise similar to L2 Defense’s capabilities. But more importantly, ATEC brought extensive first responder and incident command expertise. Through ATEC’s firefighter background, their incident command and US&R capabilities were light years beyond L2 Defense’s legacy capabilities. The merger of the two companies makes L2 Defense the leading contractor in providing coordination and execution of large scale and multiagency functional training exercises. Click here to learn more about ATEC.