Military, First Responder, and civilian security operations around the world rely heavily on Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems to provide them with the ability to gather and analyze intelligence and then disseminate that information as needed.

C4ISR capability allows Users to act immediately, precisely, and confidently in their mission environments. And with the rapid pace of technological advances, the use of C4ISR capability will continue to expand in military and civilian operations.

L2 Defense provides ILS Services to the C4ISR community with specific focus on hardware design, analysis, support planning, and sustainment. Our personnel have extensive experience in the platform and sensor elements of C4ISR, serving in these areas for years as logisticians, systems engineers, and program managers. We leverage this broad experience set to tackle ILS challenges for system integrators, Government program offices, equipment manufacturers, and technology developers. Our resumes include work in support of:

  • Communications hardware
  • Wide area surveillance components (radar systems, thermal imagers, long-range day cameras, pan & tilt systems, laser range finders, etc.)
  • Communications intelligence (COMINT) and electronic warfare sensors and detectors
  • Platform-integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems (ISR solutions integrated on trailers, vehicles, towers, unmanned vehicles, etc.)

With our understanding of the C4ISR mission space, Users, and complex-ever changing technology; along with our proven ILS service capability, L2 Defense is poised to effectively serve customers throughout the C4ISR market area.